Spartan Luxury
This obstacle-free environment creates a clear and empty space. The useless is removed and the remainder is carefully designed to dissuade any unnecessary attention. Empty white walls to let the eye and mind travel to places far beyond sight.

Space to live,

space to breath.

The only things occupying the space are those useful. A table with chairs to have dinner and a couch to relax, chat, or read a book makes this clutter-free environment luxurious and more comfortable. Objects such as technical equipment are hidden in cupboard walls and are displayed when necessary. A space can be Spartan in the way that it is simple, frugal, austere, spiritual, unadorned, pure, and unblemished. Spartan Luxury says something about the way proportions and materials are used to create the space. Pleasure, comfort, light, air, materials, and the joy of life come from this concept through a space that is live and tangible.

SPARTAN LUXURY® is a brand by Jorrit ten Berg

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2274 EN Voorburg
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